Aviation Structures and Components

VR3 is proud of the long list of Aircraft Manufacturers they work with to produce complete aircraft kits. Our impossibly accurate, ready to weld Tubing Process supports all aspects of tube structure volume production including:

  • 3D modelling services
  • cnc tube profiling
  • tube bending
  • material lists
  • custom specifications

Our unrestricted geometry is ideal for multi-tube cluster configurations allowing engine mount or fuselage tube frames to be profiled.

"Tubes fit together like Lego" David Shackleford, American Legend Aircraft Company

Labour Cost Savings

Production Scheduling becomes efficient with our pre-cut tubes assembled in kits, labelled with wall thickness and ready for welding. These accurate and consistent fits allow for smaller and optimum weld sizes.

"You can't fit a sheet of paper between them" Nick Smith, Smith Aviation

Typical Aviation tube structures:

  • Fuselages
  • Engine mounts
  • Tail feathers / Empennage
  • Landing gear
  • Accessories

Plans built Aircraft Models

Assembly of tube frame fuselages has been a traditional nuisance and bottle neck for many homebuilders. Profiled tubes simplify and speed up the fitting and weld assembly process. Tubes are cut to fit exactly with adjacent cluster tubes without measuring, layout and grinding to suit. Tubes can be used as fixtures, guiding assembly as a result of the accurate nested profiles. Without gaps, joint quality is improved and assembly time is significantly reduced.

Profiled tubes give Homebuilders building from plans an attractive alternative to cutting and fitting aircraft tubes by hand.

Kits listed are a mix of public domain and proprietary designs. Additional policy information is as follows:

  • Purchaser must own a set of plans from an authorized supplier prior to purchasing a tube kit.
  • One set of plans provides the rights to build one aircraft.
  • VR3 Engineering is a tubing material supplier with profiled, 'ready to weld' tube components.

A typical kit includes the following:

  • complete set of cnc precision cut tubes and formed tubes ready to assemble
  • detailed, easy to read drawings showing where each tube is to be placed
  • dimensioned side and section views to confirm layout and orientation of the tubes
  • material list clearly identifying kit contents

For more information on purchasing a specific kit, please Contact Us.

For more information see our Aircraft Library and list of the availbale kits and accessories please see the Reference Documents section.

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